Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Season is Changing...

As we wrap up the final week before spring break, Room 108 is preparing for an opportunity to reflect and project. Since the turn of the new year students have been working hard on a daily basis to gain and apply new skills in a number of content areas. The big challenge for everyone is connecting the skills and knowledge across the many academic domains. Things we learn in phonics can help us in reading, just as things we learn in math can help up in science. In Room 108 I try very hard to encourage thought and application from one subject to the next, and from inside the classroom to the rest of life. Students may not realize their clock partners and group work are helping them develop life skills necessary for future development, but it is happening and I can see flashes of it every day. As we all slow down our "academic" motors and prepare for some much deserved relaxation time, I ask you to look ahead to the rest of the academic year and identify some things you and your child can improve or expand on. I believe it is important to have interests in all areas of life, so I encourage you to explore some new horizons with your child in an attempt to broaden your spectrum of understanding. There is a seemingly endless number of fun, exciting, and educational opportunities are out there for us to experience!

Wednesday will be a "Game Day" for students as we wrap up Unit 7 in Open-Court Reading and Everyday Math. Monday and Tuesday have been massive review days as I want to refresh students memory with as many of the skills and stories we have experienced throughout Unit 7. As with all games days, please make sure your child has a good night's rest and well-balanced breakfast. Thursday will be a "Spring Cleaning" of sorts as we prepare our classroom for ten days of inactivity. Keep your eyes open for an assortment of materials collected in students' desks during the past couple months.

Report Cards
Thursday your child's report card will come home in their Mail folder. These grades are for the second trimester and reflect your child's academic and individual development from the end of the first trimester to now. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch the growth of your children socially, academically, and physically. Personalities have really begun to set in and the ever changing classroom constellation is being reshaped as development and growth occur. Thank you all for everything you have provided Room 108 and the support you have given me. These first two trimesters have been a truly incredible experience and I look forward to finishing the year in the same way!

School Reminders
** If you have not already done so, please have your child bring in a shoe box and egg carton. The shoe box will be used to create a solar system project and the egg carton will be used for a project during the life cycle study in science.
** Spring Sing Postponed - You should have seen a flier come home the Spring Sing being rescheduled for the week of May 19-23. Please make a note of this.
** Room 108 created some outstanding art work during an art appreciation devoted to Keith Haring and his unique style. Student work is currently on display in the Gym and was up during the Fun Fair.