Friday, October 3, 2008

Upcoming Events...

This post is dedicated solely to the wide array of events happening in Room 108 in the next month.

October 6-10 - "Walk to School Week" - Our attempt to "Go Green" in a number of different ways
October 7 - Picture Day - please submit your order form
October 9 - Room 108 Garden planting - part of the "Go Green" PTO initiative
October 20-24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - you will be sent a reminder of your scheduled time.
October 23 - Where Your Cap To School - New Era sponsored fundraiser for pediatric cancer!
October 31 - Halloween Party - parents are welcome and so are cameras! Room 108 is in need of some pictures to add to the blog - bring your camera and lets make a photo album!

Reminders - National Geographic and Legoland (Field Trip) checks are needed. Please submit yours if you have not.

Thank you for your reading and interacting with the Room 108 blog. I hope the links are of some help for guided browsing at home. And a big THANK YOU to all of you parents that ordered books for your children. You will get the books soon and the classroom library will continue to grow as you all continue to purchase from Scholastic!