Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "March" Continues...

Greetings Readers of Room 108's blog!  We certainly were spoiled with the heat wave last week but brought back to the reality of early spring weather with temperatures below freezing this week.  Please continue to dress your children according to the daily weather report!  As spring time nears, so does individual growth toward first grade independence and heightened responsibility.  Many students are improving their ability to follow directions and work independently but as with anything in life, there is always room for improvement. 

Coming up next Tuesday is Game Day for Unit 6 in both Open Court Reading and Everyday Math.  The language arts assessment will focus on high frequency words, phonetical sounds and skills such as /oo/, /ow/, /ou/, and /oi/, along with early grammar skills and comprehension strategies such as sequencing.  The math assessment will reevaluate time telling skills, measurement, addition facts, and coin counting.  All the students in Room 108 should be prepared for these assessments if they have been in class, complete their work, and engage in whole class activities.  Some of the children are commenting on how much they like Game Days!  That is a very strong indicator of attitudes toward school and learning.    

Science and Social Studies continue to alternate days and times depending on current events and events happening around us.  The current Moon cycle phase has allowed for great literature extensions as well as moon phase activities.  Clear night skies have helped to inspire the viewing of constellations and recent closeness of Venus to the Moon has provided an extra ounce of energy to our sky gazing.  Weather charting has also been much more engaging because of the drastic differences in daily weather!  Social studies continues to expand on our place in the world with issues of Time For Kids and geography lessons focused on the United States and cardinal directions.  

In parting I will thank all of you that support Room 108 and our mission in education.  Each child is encouraged to grow, learn, and connect to the world every single day.  It is with the help of all you that makes this possible.  I've said it before, "No man is an island" and your child and I both need and appreciate your help.  It is an absolute privilege to have the encouragement and reinforcement that so many of you provide to the first grade experience.  Be sure to come see us all at the Spring Share performance next Wednesday, March 18 at 8:30am in the auditorium.  And if time permits,  join us for refreshments and healthy snacks at the "Cast Party" that follows!