Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End of the Year

It has finally come.  The day so many kids and teachers look forward to.  But now the feelings of excitement for summer and freedom are coupled with some feelings of sadness to know our time together in Room 108 is over.  This has been an outstanding in year in so many ways for children, parents, and teachers.  The last hour of school will be bittersweet indeed.  

So what now?  Are you going to escape the realm of academia?  If not, how are you going to keep your little students sharp for the fall?  Well a very simple way to stay intune with some basic academic concepts is to come right here, Mr. Reynolds' First Grade Blog!  I will continue to post over the summer and add links as I find them.  I've had some difficulty with my mobile posting applications but as I figure out what's wrong, posting via my iPhone will continue.  I will be doing a fair length of traveling this summer and will have lots of neat finds to share.  I'm sure of it!  

Thank you all for following along with Room 108 this year and I wish you the best of days this summer.  The students from our classroom are indeed much more able to learn now than ever before so feed them information, share with them knowledge, and most importantly involve them in as many learning experiences as possible!!  Learning never stops!