Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting Down to Business

Business season is upon everyone in the fourth grade!  Last week students were introduced to the business unit and students found business partners, filled out a business proposal, and started manufacturing products.  Below are paragraphs from students that offer a little insight into the kinds of businesses they have created. 

My friends and I have made a business of Lego’s. We have made a gas station, cars and helicopters. We are going to make more Lego vehicles. We are going to raffle off stuffed animals. I sell tons of Lego’s with my friends Logan and peter and we sell, Lego’s for 3$ or less

The businesses my partners and I are running have lots of cool things. One thing we are selling is crazy bones. They are cool because they come in different figures. Our name is #1 Shop on Earth. Another thing we are selling paper airplanes. They are cool because some fly far and some fly high. The last thing we are selling are sports cards. They are cool because they come in different teams and different teams.

Our Ideas for Fun Stuff inc. are based on fun stuff to play with.  My partner Aidan and I have a crafts idea where Aidan and I make design strips and design airplane crafts. Another idea we had was to sell sports balls. Our idea for advertisement was to draw posters on  a piece of paper.

My friend and I are starting our own business. Our business idea is to sell yarn products such as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. We are making a lot of these and we need a lot of yarn. We are also raffling off stuffed toys and bouncy balls.

    Our business is called MVS (most valuable store). At our store we will sell trading cards, raffle tickets we will raffle off a mystery box we will also sell,Toys and tattoos, pens, and book marks. All of these will be selling for 2.00 dollars or less. So all of this will be sold in the third floor pod in Mr. Reynolds classroom. Please look around the pod for posters. Don’t forget to buy from MVS.

In Mr. Reynolds class room my friends and I are starting a business. The name of are store is A.K.E Wacky Nick Knacks. We are selling all types of things. Three people own the store, they are Avery, Kelly, and Emma. We make bracelets, paper frogs, and bookmarks. We decorate pencils but we do not make the things we are going to raffle. We hope you visit are store.

I am going to start a business called “J’s and F’s Arts and Crafts” with Francis. For our business, we will have a well lit, comfortable store, and will welcome any customers. Baseball cards, bakugan, crazy bones, finger knitting, lanyards, paper airplanes and paper robots will be for sale. Reasonable prices will be charged.

            Hannah and  I  have a business.  Our business is called HanaLine.  The store sells  flubber, short stories, and crafts. The prices are flubber $2-3, short stories $1, and  crafts $1-2. We will also have a raffle. That is what we sell.  We hope you love it!!

This week we will be focusing on the financial aspects of operating a business.  Stay tuned!