Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Dramatic Undertaking

I have been encouraging students all year long to tell me when they are interested in something and want to know more-I believe intrinsic motivation to be the most valuable form.  Some students approached me about performing a play published in a Scholastic News issue.  When they assured me there were enough parts for everyone in the class, that they would gather props and create ones they didn't have, I had no choice but to support their ambition.  Two weeks later we are on the verge of a student directed performance called "The Crossing." The play is about the pivotal moment in American history when George Washington decided to forge the Delaware River in a plan to advance in the Revolutionary War.  When the play wraps up at the end of this week, students will be video recording the performance and I will post it on the blog.  Students will also be performing this act for our first grade buddies, as well.  Come back next week to see the play!  

Parent teacher conferences are right around the corner: February 1-5.  You will receive an e-mail with the time and date of your conference.  The schedule will follow the sign-up from the fall conferences.  If you already know the corresponding time in February is not good for you, please e-mail me and we will find one that works.  

Hopefully by now your child has explained to you the two research projects they are currently working on; ecosystems and numbers.  Students have time to research at school but also make an effort to research more information at home.  They should be recording notes on the book or web-source citation pages they received in the media center.  There are also extra copies in the classroom.  When focusing research efforts, I encourage students to ask questions and search for answers.  Researching can be very confusing is there is no direction.  Questions help to focus research.  Good luck!