Monday, October 22, 2007

Unit 3 Begins...

I want to thank you all for a wonderfully productive and successful set of parent/teacher conferences. You all offered me very supportive and helpful feedback regarding your children, their tendencies, and ideas for improving instructional strategies.
Wednesday of last week marked the completion of Unit 2 in both Reading and Math. Both subjects were capped off with an end of unit assessment, both of which I have now graded. The only theme difficulties were found in the money portion of the Math assessment. Students are still having a difficult time showing equal amounts with different combinations of coins. This is a skill we will continue to cover over the course of the year so please do not be too concerned yet.
Today begins Unit 3 in Math and Reading. The theme for reading is "Things That Go." Math will begin to head in a direction towards patterns in both geometry and numbers. Clocks, time, and money will still be very much involved in math lessons but additional skills will be introduced for each area.
Please continue to read and review math facts (addition 0-9) with your child every night. If addition facts are becoming mastered then begin working on subtraction facts 0-9. If you still have sight word lists, please work with your child on sight words (they are similar to math facts in the sense that they must simply be memorized for further application.)

Today has been a great start to the week. Lets all keep up the hard work!