Friday, October 26, 2007

What a week!

I must begin by telling you all what a tremendous week this group of students had! Monday started out a bit rocky and distracted but as we ventured into the week each student was able to individually focus on the tasks in front of them. We read a number of stories and began to work with visually representing stories. We introduced possessives and each child wrote sentences to describe pumpkins they found in their own personal patch. Math brought us a plethora of patterns ranging from shapes to numbers and letters to colors. Patterns are everywhere! We learned about the seasons and reasons for their change. We talked about the Earth rotating and revolving around the sun.
Because of all the hard work Friday turned into quite an academically rewarding day. We started by galavanting down to Ms. Cairns first grade room to learn about Venn Diagrams and fill one out with a partner from Cairns' classroom. When we returned it was time for everybody's favorite spelling review game "Sparkle!" Then it was off to gym. Then children all had the chance to make Halloween puzzles which we will piece together next week. The afternoon was filled with the writing of Thank You letters to our classroom grandparents (My parents) for all the wonderful Dr. Suess and Berenstein Bears books they have sent the classroom. We spent the last 45 minutes of the day with our fourth grade buddies working on Wilma the Witch and her special witches' brew. The very last thing I do each week is meet with each student for individual meetings. During the meetings I go over their spelling tests, behavior, and the sought after Homerun Chart. Congratulations to the many homeruns and grand slams hit this week! The Grand Slam Dugout will be opened early next week for prizes. Keep up the great focus, behavior, and performance!!