Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reader Vol. 11

Here is the most recent installment of the Room 108 newsletter; Mr. Reynolds' Reader. Hope you enjoy it! One thing I did leave off the newsletter is a request for hand sanitizer. A majority of the first graders wash their hands in Room 108 or Mr. Jerkatis' Room. Students are asked to use soap and water in the bathroom, disinfecting wipes, or hand sanitizer. All of these supplies are running low, but the hand sanitizer is basically gone. If you feel so inclined, would you please donate either hand sanitizer or hand soap to our classroom? Thanks!

Another quick note... there will be a "Game Day" Thursday, February 28, 2008! Please check out Vol. 11 of the Reader for necessary preparation steps.

Here are a couple more links for all you web browsers...
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The Learning Planet - Outstanding resource for educational activities and printables, like word searches!
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Below are some pictures from the Black History Month Assembly with Miss Lynn Allen.

Thanks for reading and keep up the great reinforcement of academic, behavioral, and social importance! Life is a process that can be motivated with improvement!