Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Worm Chalet

Hopefully your child has told you by now of the worm invasion in Room 108. We are taking part in a worm composting project supported and funded through a district wide grant. We are currently in the set up stages of the project where the worms are getting "familiar" with their new home. Students will be saving "worm" food scraps such as vegetables, some fruit (grapes, little apple and banana pieces), and plain white paper. There is to be no citrus fruits or bread because both spoil rapidly attracting fruit flies and mold.
This is an exciting project, captivating children in a number of content areas, along with responsibility and commitment. The worms will multiply over time while depositing compost into a lower tray in the "chalet." The compost will then be donated to local agricultural businesses.
Here are a few links to some interesting worm websites to explore with your child. Or they can explore them on their own... (Courtesy of Lori Malinksi)
Adventures of Herman the Worm
The "Yuckiest" Site on the Internet - All About Worms