Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unit 10 Means Close to the End

The latter half of May is descending our way and recess time is in its prime. All the hard work in Room 108 is consistently rewarded with outdoor recess. I must say, the students in this classroom behave appropriately, maintain focus, and work hard with very few reminders these days. All the effort we have given throughout the school year has really been paying off. Hopefully these great habits can be maintained through the summer and brought back to the second grade staff, where ever your child may be. Having said that, learning is still ongoing...

Open-Court Reading wraps up Unit 9 "Being Afraid" with the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff. Unit 10 is themed "Homes" and begins and exploration into the many different kinds of homes all over the world. And we are not discovering and discussing just people homes, we are investigating homes for insects and animals as well. Phonics and Language Arts continue to be a review of the wide array of skills introduced throughout the year.

Everyday Math has walloped its final unit of introductory material as Unit 9 closed and promises to be a bit less threatening with Unit 10. Unit 10 is one big review of everything in the previous nine units and really nails down on the skills necessary for the start of second grade. At this point the most important "mathematical" practice for your child is addition and subtraction facts. Having quick knowledge of addition and subtraction will make the future of mathematics bright for your child. If you feel your child is already solid in their addition/subtraction facts then please challenge them with multiplication and division. The two go hand in hand and will boost your child's readiness for the next level.

Unit 3 of Social Studies has been elongated with our need to catch up on Time for Kids but will be closing out "The World of Work" with a final lesson devoted to factory work. As the unit finishes, students will be asked to discuss many of the aspects (such as vocabulary, job descriptions, work connections, and personal connections) of the working world as they see and understand it.

The study of insects is finally evolving... (In the form of darkling beetles of course!) Students have enjoyed the vast collection of insect life cycles shown in about as many different forms as we could find. (Books, movies, diagrams, worksheets, mobiles, collages, packets, slides, cut and paste activities, expository writing, and of course LIVE mealworms!) Thank you for all the great help you provided at home. Room 108 wouldn't look the same without it!

This Friday, May 16 Room 108 will be celebrating the summer birthdays at 2:30pm. Mrs. Anderson has offered to bring in a birthday treat. If you would like to offer something in addition for the classroom, in honor of your child's birthday, please feel free to donate a book to the classroom library, bring enough pencils for everyone in the class, or e-mail me if you have another idea.

*** Spring Sing - Wednesday, May 21 - 8:20am - Refreshments in Room 108 to follow