Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Nutcracker Ballet

Season's Greetings Readers!  Wednesday was the annual field trip to the Nutcracker Ballet at the Chodel Theatre.  The boys and girls in Room 108 came well dressed with their best manners ready for action.  It was a fantastic performance capped off with a question and answer session from the performers in the ballet.  Thank you to the chaperones for your time and help.  I know the children liked your company as much as I did.  Added to this post are pictures of the girls and boys, respectively, in their very dapper ballet attire.  Oh they looked so good! (CLICK ON EITHER PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT.)

The end of this week also marked the delivery of report cards.  I want to tell you that some students have made outstanding personal progress so far this school year but that does not mean our work in first grade is done.  We are just getting started with the kinds of activities and lessons  that will make Room 108 a place of more excitement, enjoyment, and academics!  This is also a good time of reflection as we head into the holiday season.  There are many things that we (children, parents, and teacher) can improve on to make student learning that much better.  I hope you take a chance to review your child's report card with him/her and talk about some things that can be done to strengthen individual growth and development.  I will continue to do my best to make the first grade experience as engaging and productive for your child as possible.  

As always thanks for all your support, encouragement and for visiting my blog!  Stay warm out there and I will see you soon!