Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Easing Into the New Year

Happy New Year Readers!!  As 2009 brings excitement and energy so does the prospect of continued growth and development in Room 108!  After just a few days "back at it" in the classroom it is obvious already these children know what it takes to work hard and have fun at the same time.  Hopefully you all had a enjoyable, and somewhat restful, holiday season and are prepared to embrace the new year with eager spirits and open minds.  Heading into the second half of the school year brings heightened expectations and responsibility for not only the children in Room 108 but also children and faculty throughout the school.  

This week we are continuing through Unit 4 in math, reading and phonics and are set to have a "Game Day" on Tuesday, January 13.  Monday will be a review day for all subject areas.  If you and your child have been completing homework and discussing things that are happening in the classroom then they should be more than prepared for the assessments.

It has been a very pleasant surprise this week to see how well the students adjusted when returning to the school setting and I am eager as ever to continue our daily progress and growth.  Hopefully I will see many of you soon!