Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Other Warm Things...

Brrrrrrrrrr!  A common sound echoing up and down the hallways throughout the school day at Mann.  We are deep in the heart of winter as the snow continues to pile up and icicles are forming anywhere water can drip.  This is the time of year that students need to be the most comfortable indoors because it is where the students from Room 108 have been spending the entire school day.  We do take every opportunity, when the temperature is tolerable, to head outside for a snow break but those dwindle as the temperature does.  

Unit 5 continues through stories about weather and investigations and comparisons with numbers.  In addition we continue our flight through our solar system and occasionally into our Milky Way galaxy and beyond.  Our social studies have been surrounding the exciting current events, such as President Obama, and discerning our place in the world - All very challenging concepts for six and seven year olds to wrap their minds around.  It has been extremely interesting to hear some of the connections your children make to the planets, outer space, our president, as well as cities, states, and countries.  

Last Friday, the art appreciation parents took the students in Room 108 to the cafeteria to illustrate Shel Silverstein's poem "Sick."  Children listened to a reading of the poem, picked lines, and displayed their creativity through illustrations on large white paper roll.  The finished visual poem is on display in the lobby of the school.  Also, keep checking the blog for the posting of the video slideshow! 

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