Saturday, February 21, 2009

Multicultural Center Visit

In recognition of African American Appreciation month, Lynn Allen, director of District 97's Multicultural Resource Center  transformed the auditorium into a student friendly exhibit of artifacts and information about the cultures of transcontinental Africa.  The exhibit began with Ms. Allen connecting the roots of African life to the United States and other countries, specifically those involved in the Triangle Trade.

This is a particularly difficult concept for most first grade children to comprehend but makes a unique connection to our new Open Court Unit titled "Journeys."  As we follow the sailing trip of Bill Pinkney around the world we will discuss life at sea and many extensions from this great
 captain's once in a lifetime journey.  

After the introduction, brief background and overview of the exhibit the students were let loose to explore everything for themselves.  Students were able to get their hands on musical instruments, traditional African games and daily use items, books and other artifacts from these timeless cultures. 
Students seen here are examining a hand carved wood slab designed to be a cover for a cabinet or other wood worked storage space.  Just above it is an oval shaped wooden artifact said to be a mixing/serving bowl.  The kids sure had fun getting their hands on everything!