Thursday, February 5, 2009

Presidential Extensions

Happy February greetings to you and yours!  This month brings us all kinds of persons, places and things to honor, remember and celebrate.  February is not only African-American Appreciation month but it also honors two of America's most historic presidents' birthdays and celebrates all presidents with a national holiday.  And of course nobody can forget their loved one(s) on February 14th!  Room 108 will be sure to take many of these events as great learning opportunities and extensions in the classroom.  

The big theme right now is differentiation!  With so many ability levels and minds soaring around the classroom it is very important to take an opportunity to meet, challenge, or remediate children at their respective developmental needs.  In some cases students are paired, put in small groups or asked to work independently.  It is amazing the kind of things the entire class can accomplish when each child has good direction, focus, and works hard to accomplish their tasks.  

This week marked the beginning of parent/teacher conferences and they will continue through the end of next week.  I appreciate all your help in scheduling!  I know many of you had to shuffle a thing or two to make times work but I have to thank you for making it work!  I look forward to meeting with each of you and discussing the progress and future direction for your student.  

I will leave you with a link for a presidential "Guess Who" courtesy of  Some of you might want to rack your brain alongside your child to attempt a guess... How well do you really know our presidents??  

Keep up the great work and communication at home!  "No man is an island" and if your children don't say thank you for all the help keeping up in Room 108 then let me tell you how grateful I am right now!  Working together makes for some of the best learning experiences!