Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome to a New School Year!

Fourth grade learning is officially underway with Mr. Reynolds!  It's very exciting to see so many familiar faces but equally exciting is the opportunity to meet new students.  I am anxious to get going with everything in the new school year and I will start with some new links.  
The OP97 main district website is going through a bit of a makeover.   With that, many other district pages are being required to get a new appearance for the purpose of a simpler user interface.  The new OP97 Library Homepage has an excellent collection of links and access to databases, including a catalog of Mann School's library.  There are links to many fourth grade home/school connections like Custom Typing and valuable resource sites.  I will also add links like these to my blog.
Mann School is piloting SMART's interactive whiteboards (commonly called a SMART Board) and our classroom is lucky enough to get one.  This great learning tool will be used to enhance a variety of curriculum lessons and assist in other student projects.  I am still learning the wires, so to speak, with this technology but am eager to adapt my instruction accordingly.  If your child is in my classroom, ask them about the starter activity we did today.  (Click here to see the result of our morning activity.) All parents will have an up-close look at the board during curriculum night.  Just another reason to be sure you are in attendance on Thursday, September 2 at 6:00pm!