Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost There

This week I was asked to submit my teacher schedule to the district and I was a bit surprised to see what I turned in.  After blocking time periods for all the required curriculum subjects, entering specials times, and classroom routines it was alarming how consistent our weekly schedule can be!  The first month of school has been anything but consistent because of all the required testing and early evaluation tools mandated for fourth grade.  Grade four is a special year in terms of standardized testing because students are required to write an extended response essay and complete a science section during their ISAT in the spring.  With MAP Testing finishing this week, a consistent daily schedule will be present itself next week.  

Another hiccup in our schedule this week was a visit from the author of The Sixty-Eight Rooms, Marianne Malone.  She talked a lot about the writing process and the need to spend ample time editing any piece of writing.  Her visit was very inspirational for anyone interested in writing, reading, art or a love of life.  She really seems to love what she does and it was presented well for all fourth and fifth graders.  Her first book is in bookstores now (like Oak Park's locally owned Magic Tree Books) and is a fiction story about the famous Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The last point for this week's post is the importance of checking your child's student planner daily/nightly.  Students can on occasion earn a Horseshoe Hooray for having their planner signed by a parent.  More importantly, it's a great practice to get into that connects students with school and home.  We fill in planners at the end of every day with activities from the school day and homework assignments.  Each child is responsible for their own work and the act of filling in a planner is modeled daily.  In addition to planners, many assignments are posted here on my blog.  Content areas can be located in the tabs at the top of the page.  Soon each content area will have it's own tab and assignments will be posted weekly.  All weekly assignments are due no later than Friday and can be completed and turned in before Friday.  Please help your child get into healthy academic habits that will promote their individual success. 

Thanks for reading and being involved in your child's education!