Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Froebel Block Workshop

Yesterday we had an art educator from the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio visit our classroom to lead students through a workshop using Froebel BlocksThis hands-on workshop was a precursor to the Frank Lloyd Wright walking field trip we are taking next week.  Here is a video of one of the students working through some of the designs. 


With ISAT make-ups taking place this week, our classroom is slowly moving back into a student work zone.  With Ecosystems reports finished up, we now moved student work efforts toward presentations of videos, podcasts, Powerpoints, and brochures.  Presentations are still expected to be done completely by students and we are hoping to have many of them finished this week.  Our Global Virtual Classroom project is quickly winding down as well.  We will have a finished website up by the time spring break rolls around.  

Thanks for reading and hopefully you are keeping up with your child on Edmodo!  If you haven't checked in with them lately, have them log in for you.  There's lots of good web-content being passed around!