Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GVC - The Final Product

After a week of rest and relaxation our first day back was chalk full of energy and conversations about all the great things students did with time away from school.  It was great to see many of them staying "connected" through Edmodo.  With families traveling and others keeping busy, or just taking it easy in Oak Park, everyone had an opportunity to communicate with each other via our online learning community.  Most of the conversations were about entertainment things like movies and TV shows while others were offering detailed comments about unique experiences.  It is really amazing how quickly fourth graders can learn to harness an online tool for keeping in touch.

Staying in the "connected" world, our Global Virtual Classroom project and contest has come to an end.  If you thought fourth graders communicating together online was impressive, have a look at the website they created with students from Shumway Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona.  The theme for our research and web design was Numbers.  Students from both classrooms investigated the world around them to learn about the overwhelming presence and significance of numbers.  Both groups of students worked very hard and should be commended for their efforts.  Please visit our webpage to see the final product.  A big THANK YOU to our partners in Arizona for their collaboration!