Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Completion of Unit 3

This week marked the end of Unit 3 in both Open-Court Reading and Everyday Math. Assessments were administered during class periods on both Wednesday and Thursday. Students all worked extremely hard to complete both assessments and are now ready to engage in Unit 4 for both content areas.

Open-Court Reading shifts from "Things That Go" to "Our Neighborhood at Work." Unit 4 focuses on types of jobs and the skills necessary to perform the tasks of different kinds of neighborhood employment. Phonics skills associated with this unit will include newly acquired letter combinations such as -ar (as in card) and -er, -ur, -ir (as in chipper, fur, bird).

Everyday Math will now be spiraling back to some already familiar kinds of number awareness such as temperature, time-telling, and money changing. Basic addition skills will continue to improve along with subtraction skills as both will be incorporated in concepts new and old.

Social Studies and Science activities will continue on the path of introduction concepts and experiences such as those incorporating properties, phases of matter, the life cycle, biological and ecological studies. Geography skills will also be introduced as students become more familiar with maps of the United States and the World. Directional awareness will build from the cardinal directions onward to ordinal directions. Essential map reading skills will also be isolated including map keys, scales, and locations.

Please continue all you are doing at home with your child. Reading abilities are improving across the board and it is due to increased phonemic awareness, decoding/blending skills, and modeling of reading. I ask you continue to read with your child every night and encourage them to read as much as possible to you. * Keep your eyes open for the next Scholastic Book order coming after Thanksgiving! *

Thanks for reading my blog and never underestimate the effort in focus and hard work!

-Mr. Reynolds