Friday, November 9, 2007

Week Wrap-up...

*Congratulations to you for checking my blog for this post if you noticed there was not a Mr. Reynolds' Reader in your child's mail folder today. I'm hoping to make the full transition to online updates by the time reports cards come out (December 7, 2007.)

The week was fast, focused and similar to the title of our Open-Court big book story of the week "On the Go." We read and learned about different types of transportation including something as simple as your feet to something as complex as a rocket ship.

Number awareness and manipulation continued to increase speed as we accelerated towards new skills such as frames and arrows and number-line counting (skipping.) Please keep working on addition facts at home. Subtraction is just around the corner...

Using our transportation theme we constructed a classroom train full of cars traveling to different states in the USA. We learned directions from the compass rose on our classroom map and had found little difficulty navigating our way across a map of the world. The students were excited to find different states and landmarks as we read our issue of Time for Kids.

Please continue to read nightly with your child and work together on the Home Links.

** Picture retakes are next Wednesday, November 14 at 8:45am. **