Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unit 4 Underway...

Hey blog frequenters thanks for checking in on the classroom action. This week Unit 4 is in full swing with an exciting array of new material ranging from reading to social studies, and science to math. A lot what we are doing is becoming closely intertwined as the first grade curriculum demands that many skills be introduced and practiced for the first time.

Math has put the student in the pilot's seat for navigating new instruments such as rulers and thermometers. Taking measurements and reading temperatures are just a few of the skills being added to the fast filling bag of first grade necessities. This bag of skills will come in mighty handy as science lessons begin focusing on observations and analysis.

Reading is focusing on jobs around the neighborhood and in the community. More in-depth kinds of stories and writings are emerging from the Open Court series, and don't forget the ever important pre-decodables!

Keep up the positive reinforcement at home and I will see you on the blacktop!!